Stacey Terry, B.A., B.Ed., OBM

Certified Online Business Manager
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My goal is to BRACE YOUR CREATIVE BRILLIANCE by providing collaborative vision, supportive management, and dependable action to produce ventures that flourish and fulfill lives.
Get help taking things off your plate so you can STAY FOCUSED on what you do best.

Stacey Terry, B.A., B.Ed., OBM

Certified Online Business Manager
For nearly 10 years, I've been serving the needs of entrepreneurs and their online businesses across North America.
​Whether you're looking to add a member to your team who will manage and grow with your business or you desire one-time project support, we can chat to see what solutions and experience I can provide.
Professional Experience
My skills and experience provide a strong foundation for assessing what is needed, planning the steps, and refining the systems that work in your business.
Online Business Management
In an OBM role, I can help manage several area including content development, team task assignments, operations and systems, launches, and more...
Virtual Support
Implementation is my area of genius, so you may prefer to arrange for "get things done" services or projects until you're ready for full OBM services.
Develop or improve your STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEMS and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to save time and boost effectivness.
If you'd like to learn more about the role of an Online Business Manager, click below to watch excerpts from an interview (that includes some "good gossiping" about my skills) between Charmaine Hammond of Raise a Dream and Tina Forsyth, Founder of the International Association of Online Business Managers (full interview here).
See Why Clients Are Sharing the Love
She created ALL of our business operating procedures.
"Stacey is not only reliable, punctual and incredibly easy to work with, her attention to detail and follow through are second to none. 
She created ALL of our business operating procedures and system documentation, facilitated completion of projects with other contractors on a regular basis and contributed to writing/editing of marketing and product copy. She kept us organized and efficient and she was always a pleasure to work with. She's an excellent communicator both written and verbal, with exceptional people skills."
~ Charmaine Hammond and Rebecca Kirstein
Co-founders of Raise a Dream Training & Consulting Inc.

I appreciate how she saves me time by taking implementation steps 75% of the way and then just pulling me in for the details, voice, and contributions I need to make.
"I began working with Stacey Terry after a glowing recommendation and referral from one of her other business clients as Stacey had the organizational, technical, and implementation skills I was looking for to help move my online business goals forward. Over time, she has helped me put organizational systems in place for GDrive, redo my website, expand the reach of my Belonging Matters framework and content by helping create online membership programs and launches, implement lead generation pages and webinars, create a more consistent social media presence, and finesse my content.
She is great at helping me overcome particular roadblocks. If I experience uncertainty in moving a new project or process forward, she is able to discuss approaches, provide feedback, and help break down large goals into more manageable nuggets. If my schedule is full, I appreciate how she saves me time by taking implementation steps 75% of the way and then just pulling me in for the details, voice, and contributions I need to make. As she has come to know me and my business, Stacey has reliably taken ownership of tasks and details she can manage herself while I pursue the big picture and possibilities for development.
Stacey has a great way of balancing pivoting when needed and knowing when to keep things on track. She is very clear on the scope of what is possible and lays out options and their implications. She polishes all my draft efforts until they shine. I highly recommend Stacey Terry!"
~ Jessie Sutherland
Director, Intercultural Strategies

...her implementation and follow-through skills will elevate your brand.
"I've been working with Stacey for the last year and it has been an absolute pleasure. She's great at managing our team projects and contractors! Her attention to detail and follow through is impeccable.
The systems and processes that Stacey sets up are efficient and save you time!  She is a genius at setting up the back end technology and streamlined workflows for efficiency that help our business run smoothly. Her impact with optimizing our systems resulted in our bottom line increasing by 20%.
I recommend bringing her on to your team because your business will grow and her implementation and follow-through skills will elevate your brand."
~ Michelle G., CRS®
CEO, MG International 

Over the last decade, I've worked on countless technology platforms. Typically, each client I work with has a unique set of tools. Depending upon the platforms you use (or may need), there are many repeatable systems and processes within your business that we can automate or optimize. Below you'll find a list of platforms I've interacted with over the years.
Trying to do everything yourself is DRAINING. If you want to grow your business, it's time to get the professional support you need.
Home Base: Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
As an example of one of my skills, I created this page by customizing a generic WishPond template and updated it with my copy, branding, and modified photos. © 2024, Stacey Terry